So where does one start with a description of “about me?” Hmmmmm well…….

I’m a just turned 40 year old wife, mother of four children ranging from 18 to 6 (interesting!) Dog owning, part time working, novice blogger.  The emphasis being on novice right now! If you are here reading this then trust me I’m already doing a little happy dance that someone has taken the time to check out my page!  Any advice or words or wisdom (constructive of course) would be most welcome.

The reason I’ve started this?  Well it all started with getting married last year.  The post wedding blues hit hard and I literally got back to my normal everyday job and cried at my desk.  I was bereft at no longer wedding planning and felt lost.  During the wedding planning process I became totally inspired by the sheer creative content this big old web has to offer. Initially I focused on planning our honeymoon but more and more friends and family members told me start a blog, do something!  That coupled with approaching 40 made me realise I had to focus on doing something for ME.  The wedding and honeymoon over and making babies well and truly over it was time to listen to those around me and have an outlet for all the ramblings in my head.

I’ve always been passionate about writing.  Although of course a GCSE A in English does not make me in anyway a novelist/journalist/writer but I woke up one morning, hit the swanky new computer my husband bought me for my birthday and Dorset Wife Life was born. Just. like. That.


So essentially I’ll be writing as and when I can, about all things I can from everyday life with children, marriage, trying to retain some sense of style on a limited budget (but a unique ability to be drawn to the most expensive item in the room).  Along with life in Dorset, the joys and challenges that it brings and all with my limited knowledge and zero blogging experience.   All the time hoping (praying) my blogging life doesn’t die a death and fester in an internet wasteland of unread material.

Fingers crossed!!





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