The Power of a Pinterest Quote.


It has been a little while since I posted anything here.  I guess you could say I had a touch of bloggers block.  Or have just been lazy busy.

Truth is both really. And a touch of self-doubt, my life isn’t interesting enough blah blah.

I have never believed that winter blues was such a thing. We don’t need sunshine to make us happy do we?  But this winter feels like it’s been going on FOREVER.  Since Christmas which was full of packed days, visits to friends and family, trips away, life feels like it’s been on hold for months.  Stuck in the relentless cycle of work, home, teatime, bedtime. Day after day. And because of this I seem to have lost all enthusiam for anything and now it’s starting to bloody annoy me.

Obviously I, or we as a family are in no way the only ones to feel caught in this trap but just how do you combat the mundane when your options are limited? Not only limited by funds, lifestyle, location but limited by choice and the ability to try and make any changes.  And if these last few months have taught me anything it’s that devouring house porn on Rightmove, holidays to Disney and Gucci handbags, whilst enjoyable at the time does not give you any real satisfaction.  A bit like eating a dirty great big burger after a night out….

But the last few months this has really got to me.  Don’t get me wrong I know there are far worse things going on for other families and life could be a hell of a lot worse.  But in a time where we are reminded so much about looking after ourselves, physically and mentally how do you set about doing that when you feel stuck in the same cycle every day?   Am I hoping that once it feels like we are properly out of winter my mood will improve? For the first time ever yes I bloody well am. I think my family certainly need me to be far less grumpy and irritable. (I’m sorry).

So today as I sit here typing this and the words of a million positive Pinterest quotes floating around my head I have decided to take action.

I’m gonna turn that frown upside down. (And maybe reduce the online imaginary luxury  holiday and handbag shopping and use my time more efficiently).



Dorset Wife



3 thoughts on “The Power of a Pinterest Quote.

  1. Hi, just read your blog, struck a chord and there’s is definitely something in the air about coming out the other side! I’m dreadful in the winter. I have a landscaping company which in the winter is trudgery! (if that’s even a word). It’s awful. I’ve also opened up a Brocante near Stalbridge with no capital apart from flexible friends and NatWest’s own money, the euro is shocking and I have a friend and my dad in the shop for free so I can try and earn some money, when it’s open. I am awake most mornings at 4 in a cold sweat, but feel alive!

    Your words (and I don’t read blogs normally) hit home. I’ve written a manuscript/book about how we came to opening a Brocante which has been very cathartic. I have a little saying, “just keep swimming” My wife and children support me throughout…I’m very lucky. Sounds like you are too. (But that when friends say it to me, is irrelevant, but they mean well.

    Thank you for your time
    Oakland Collectibles
    Oakland Landscapes


    1. Thank you for your comment! And wow, well done and full respect for opening your shop, sometimes we just need to go with our hearts and do something, anything to give us some focus! I’d love to take the plunge and create a little business for myself, either in events or weddings but having the balls/courage to do so when you’ve only ever known one thing is overwhelming at times! It’s not only me, my husband who is self employed is feeling a bit stuck in a rut too, he’s also done the same thing since school and we are both itching for change I think!
      I’m not far from Stalbridge so will have to come check out your place some when.
      Good luck with it all!


      1. Thank you. I have just read my comment back and I didn’t mean it to sound so negative. I had 3 lovely ladies in yesterday, one owns The Old Milking Parlour (Lou), one is a tiara designer (Tessa) and Laura (Rustic Dresser and stylist). It was a pre planned meeting and I was bricking it, wellbiutnof my comfort zone, we are looking at hiring to weddings. I read your blog before I went in and it made me laugh, (one about the “fuck this shit”)
        We were in a rut in Cambridge, still feels like a rut now, sometimes, kids football, gym, cricket, pick ups drop offs but I have to remember that they will be gone soon and as much as they annoy me at times, it will all be so different in 4 years time.

        I sold some of bits yesterday in the Brocante, we go over to France and source from the markets and I felt for the first time, in four months that yes people do want our stuff.

        My wife is a deputy head and does 14 hour days, but she is amazing and that she is the back bone of our family. Hope you find your mojo and sorry for rambling. Good luck and introduce yourself if you find yourself over our way. Just found the joys of Instagram and so can embarrass my children. #smallthings


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