First blog post

So here we go, dipping my (currently unmanicured) toes into the world of blogging…….

What do you do when numerous friends, colleagues etc all keep saying “oh you’d be good at blogging, start a blog” blah blah blah then you wake up one day and actually start believing them and just decide to go for it despite the fact I probably have no idea really what I’m doing or what the sole purpose of this blog is.  But if I can somehow tap into that childhood dream of writing and millions of others can’t get it wrong then like most things in many of our lives, I’m just going to wing it………

A little bit about me

Why did I choose DorsetWifelife? Well I’m a wife in Dorset talking about life. Although not to be confused with some dubious sites google search returned containing the terms “dorset” and “wife” if you get my drift. Let’s start with the basics. I’ve just turned forty (absolutely not heading into midlife crisis territory), I married my second husband last year (self confessed wedding obsessive still and will no doubt blog about that sometime in the future) and I have 4 children ranging from teenagers to twins age 6 who are currently obsessed with Youtube vlogging American families….. We live in a small Dorset town in a house that is constantly in a state of repair with endless DIY tasks on the go (another feature lined up, see I can totally do this right?) I work part-time whilst dreaming of a life of being my own boss, like one of those savvy instamums, except I have a creativity level of zero and borderline basic social media skills.  Jeez, I’ll be seriously impressed with myself if I actually get this blog post of the ground……….

Let’s just be clear though, this is not going to be some lovely perfect life with a big happy family blog.  Of course I do intend to impart some of my rather limited wisdom on the positive things in life, I’m not all doom and gloom. But it will be a real and truthful (and hopefully vaguely interesting to some) over sharing of life in North Dorset, being married (because let’s face it, marriage is no fairytale all the time), being a parent to teenagers and twins & being a working mum all whilst trying to do up a house and maintain some kind of social life.

I think, to wrap it up, there’ll be no subject left undiscussed.  Food, clothes, kids, money, travel (or lack of it), shopping, beauty, diet, exercise, interiors, relationships.  The list goes on and on.  And whilst I by no means am claiming to remotely be any kind of lifestyle guru, I just like talking random subjects and in the words of my husband, I do know how to google shit………………..

ps. I realise this probably needs some work on the whole “blog look” but we all gotta start somewhere right?


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